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About Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic

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Dr. Mark Hyman, TED MED 2010
Finding the Cause of Disease Rather Than
Just Treating Symptoms

About Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic

Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic was established by Dr. Sandra Denton in response to what she saw as a "one size fits all" approach in the medical field. Knowing that not every person is responsive to the same treatments and that sometimes prescriptions can cause more problems than they address, Dr. Denton decided it was time for something new!

Dr. Denton has been combining the latest in technology with the best of Alternative Medicine for over 30 years now, with impressive results! She is one of the most sought after Alternative Medicine Doctors in Alaska and has been asked to speak and share her knowledge internationally!

Dr. Denton also knows that she can't do it all alone and has searched out some of the finest minds in the industry to assist her in this important mission of healing.


Alaska Alternative Medicine's staff is highly educated, compassionate and aims to treat every patient with the kindness and respect that they deserve! You will never be treated as if you are just a number or a dollar sign at Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic!

Our staff takes the time to get to know you as a person and to learn about your lifestyle, not only to better serve and care for you, but also because they actually care! We pride ourselves in caring for the individual and invite questions and concerns so that we can continue to grow and fulfill our mission to care for our patients as we would our own families.

The Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic's office and treatment rooms are specifically designed and set up to feel more like a close friend's living room than a clinic so that you can feel relaxed and at home.

Alaska Alternative Medicine blends the best proven Alternative Medicine with conventional treatments to help you achieve optimal health and an improved quality of life.  

We do more than treat symptoms, we work to find the cause of illness, treating you as an individual with unique and very specific needs. For this reason, Dr. Denton spends approximately an hour or an hour and a half with you as a new patient, getting to know you and your needs on a personal level so you can receive the most personalized care possible.


Dr. Sandra Denton has put so much work and thought into the care of her patients that she has opened a Sister Company! Check out her latest venture, Alaska Healing Journey here!
We also help with nutritional counseling as we feel that nutrition is a gateway to health and recovery.

Alaska Alternative Medicine works to:


  • Delivers safe, effective, and proven alternative and conventional therapies

  • Discover the cause of illness and treat it, not just the symptoms 

  • Be compassionate and professional

  • Involve patients in their health care to achieve optimal health

  • Improve quality of life and sense of well-being


Contact Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic Today and Experience Real Care!

You Are Not Just A Number!

But Here's Ours - 907-563-6200

We Look Forward To Meeting And Serving You!


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