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Doc's Online Supplement Store

For our patients who live at a distance and cannot come in to purchase from the in-house supplement store we offer high quality supplements that can be purchased online.


These pharmaceutical-grade supplements are different. In terms of purity, potency and bioavailability, manufacturers of these supplements ensure high quality and consistency in every dose. Medical science is discovering more every day what a powerful ally they can be to healing and wellness without harmful side-effects.


Many manufacturers only sell through certified healthcare providers, and that's where our office comes in. If you are a current patient, you may call us for your registration code to be able to purchase online. You will receive coupons for 10% off your first order, 10% off any order over $250 and free shipping for orders over $150.


Enrolling in autoship gives free shipping and 5% each purchase.


We also offer a rewards program for patients to earn credits toward future purchases and most orders are shipped same day.


To Receive The Wonderful "Friends of Dr. Sandra Denton" benefits use

  •  Registration code " SD546"


  • Coupon Codes;

    •  HCPC546WELCOME for 10% off your first order

    • HCPC546OVER250 for 10% off orders over $250

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