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What is Flowpresso®?

It’s a breakthrough, non-invasive natural therapy that enhances overall health which delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment, comprising:

This unique combination of therapies releases toxins and puts the body into a ‘rest and restore’ state, working with our physiological processes to switch off fight or flight mechanisms, and facilitate healing and repair.

Our Physiological Processes

We have physiological processes that regulates the body's involuntary reflexes, like heart rate, body temperature, breathing and blood pressure. Regular periods spent in a completely relaxed state - as opposed to a fight or flight state - give our body the time and energy it needs to repair, rejuvenate and reset.

Flowpresso® is a unique system that encourages a rest and repair state - the optimum state for the body's healing processes.

The Benefits of using Flowpresso

  • Increase Relaxation

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Improved Energy

  • Decreased Stress Response

  • Fast Recovery in Sport

  • Fast Healing in Health

  • Better Endurance in Sport

  • Weight Loss

  • Better Mobility

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Flowpresso® delivers compression, thermodynamic heat and deep pressure simultaneously to encourage the body’s inner systems to activate.


Compression technology was first introduced to medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including circulatory conditions. About 25 years ago, compression was adopted for use in sport medicine in an attempt to improve exercise performance and recovery. The cyclic pneumatic compression within Flowpresso® is delivered to different areas of the body, allowing the body to change how it moves. Compression therapy helps encourage flow within the body and assist with releasing toxins from your system.

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