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True Cellular Detox



True Cellular Detox is the missing element of modern day medicine. Cellular toxicity is a contributing factor to, if not the source of, most of today’s chronic health conditions. The word “detox” has become trendy, and you can buy systems that claim to cleanse virtually every organ of the body, from your liver to your colon. These products may do some short-term good, but most are ineffective and many are borderline dangerous. None approach detoxification at a systemic cellular level.


True Cellular Detox is the solution. You’ve landed here, at exactly the right place.  Dr. Denton understands the latest research, the 21st-century science, and the process of restructuring and rebuilding health beginning at the cellular level. With True Cellular Detox as your platform, you bring your body through a strategic process of restoring the state of health you were born into, optimizing cellular and systemic function, and rediscovering the vibrant you that seems to have been lost.


True Cellular Detox gives you the map, the tools, the direction, and best of all, the proven efficacious formula for health optimization. It’s time to look better, feel better, be better. It begins now!

90- Days Supply of Supplements Included

  • Prep Phase - Prepare the cellular purification and downstream purification pathways for safe and effective elimination.

  • Body Phase - Clear the body first. Impurities move from higher concentration to lower, thus preparing for purification of the brain.

  • Brain Phase - Achieve the ultimate goal. Nourish and cleanse the brain and nerve tissue using fat-soluble "true binders".

You also get access to a portal where you will have 20+ Hours of Detox Training, 130+ Cellular Healing Recipes, 90 Day Meal Plan with Grocery Lists and 30 Delicious Smoothie Recipes. 


Also in the portal will be information on 

  • Advanced Strategies:
    Intermittent Fasting, Ketosis, Diet Variation

  • Burst Training Benefits

  • De-Bunking Fat Burning Myths

  • Mindset Training

  • Stress/Emotional Detox Strategies

True Cellular Detox


For more information call:

Laura Gilbert


You will notice that there are several practitioners online that offer this program.  Please make sure you know what they offer.  At AAMC you have access to the Epigenetic Assessment, Ondamed Biofeedback, Iasis Neurofeedback, Nutritional IVs and the very knowledgable Bill the Vitamin Guy in The Supplement Store, to help support your journey back to HAPPY and HEALTHY!  AAMC is proud to be the first to offer this in Alaska so come and see us!!

If you don’t detox the cell, you will never get well.

Dr. Pompa explains how and why he developed this TCD program.  It is an hour long video but VERY important to watch it to see why you are feeling the way you are.  If you don't have any sound look on the lower right corner of the video for a musical note with a line through it.  Click on it and the sound should come on.

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