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Healthy Chocolate


Can Chocolate Truly Be Healthy?

YES! And here's why...

Everyone has heard of free radicals. It's well known that these rogue molecules damage healthy cells, which in turn results in unhealthy tissues, organs and eventually, an unhealthy body. Fortunately, cacao, the nutritional source of healthy chocolate, is nature's top source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that neutralize free radicals and slow their damage.


Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent oxidation of other compounds.  Oxidation. Think about bananas turning brown or metal rusting, both are results of oxidation; a process of adding oxygen to a compound. This process can produce "free radicals" molecules, which is an atom with an unpaired electron.


Science has taught us that oxidation occurs in our bodies naturally and certain behaviors can intensify the process such as smoking, pollution, poor diet, and unchecked exposure to the sun. But science has also shown that we can defend against oxidation or Free Radical damage with Antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Cacao

In our bodies antioxidants can react with free radicals to make them more stable and less likely to cause damage to our lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Damage to these vital molecules has been linked to many common health issues and chronic diseases. Our bodies can defend against oxidation, but this ability declines with age.


Eating antioxidant-rich foods can enhance our natural defenses. A few plant-based foods meet this criteria and are distinguished by their high polyphenol content.

A subclass of polyphenols are flavonoids that are found abundantly in cacao.


Research on flavonoids make them well-known for their antioxidant characteristics, their help in supporting the immune system, and their positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

Along with healthy (and delicious) chocolate, My Daily Choice offers a large variety of options for those looking to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. From fuel enhancers to supplements and essential oil body sprays, My Daily Choice makes it easier for you to chose healthy and clean every day! Click the link below for more information about My Daily Choice or the link in the sidebar to get your yummy, healthy chocol

10 Reasons to Eat

Beyond Healthy Chocolate

1.   Highest Antioxidant Food on the Planet  
2.   Fights Free-Radical Damage and Inflammation
3.   Cold-Processed Formulation Preserves Nutrients
4.   Supports Healthy Immune System Response
5.   Increases Sense of Well-Being
6.   May Improve Sleep
7.   Promotes Cardiovascular Health
8.   Diabetic Friendly and Gluten- Free
9.   May Help You Lose Weight
10. Natural Energy - No Caffeine

Experience the taste & health benefits for yourself!

Healthy Chocolate.png

Cacao is abundantly rich in Flavonoids. All-natural unprocessed cacao is healthier than commercially processed chocolate.  Beyond Healthy Chocolate™ is raw unprocessed chocolate that maintains cacao's natural flavonoids.

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