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Parkinson's Disease



lifeextenion - using the protocall  bbwca-com

amino acide balancing   - whats' really awesome about this - interviews are great - and  programs and parkinson's  -- bulgaria story - second girl clip - refer people to this video --  link is good - and look at the coial icons - nice and the header - good overall.

and manage depression and Parkingson by balancing and using amino acids


IV’s have the advantage of delivering 100% of nutrients directly to your cells. This delivery is far more effective than oral supplementation.


It is the difference between taking a pain medicine by mouth and waiting 30 minutes for it to kick in or giving an analgesic medicine via IV and watching it work within 2-3 minutes.

Our IVs are made from ingredients compounded without preservatives or other unnecessary additives.  They are administered in our comfy IV room by one of our skilled nurses.


While you receive your IV, you can relax peacefully in one of our recliners, read a book, use our free wifi or even close your eyes for some quiet time.


IV times vary from about 30 minutes to three hours.

IV infusion therapy can help you recover quickly from a broad array of conditions from dehydration to headaches. It can help you maintain vibrant health for life. And it can even be used in the treatment of involved conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

IV infusions are great for achieving an immediate effect, feeling better and optimizing the moment. We are experts at IV’s and will always be here to help when you need us.

Living Proof

Vitamin C Miracle Therapy

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