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Epigenetics Health Assessment


Create a life of limitless potential with an Optimize nutritional report and free your genes today...

Epigenetics is shaping the way we approach wellness; proving that the environment is the key to how our genes express and the way this impacts our daily wellness & illness prevention regimes.

Optimize Reports contains highly relevant environmental factors based on personal epigenetics from hair follicles. The reports are generated in less than 15 minutes and provide instant access to diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices information.

The information changes over time as it is connected through resonance with the Epigenetic influence of the person. Our macro and micro environments have an effect, such as – air quality, food and nutrients absorbed, the electromagnetic environment and even the 50,000+ thoughts we have per day.

The information is then sent via a secure connection to our high-speed servers in Hamburg Germany, that use resonance algorithms to map optimization. We have an extensive database of information files including dietary, nutritional and environmental influences.

The resulting Epigenetic information is presented in a comprehensive report which is returned to the S-Drive operator within 15 minutes.

The Report is relevant for a period of 90-days as the Epigenetic influences are constantly changing.

To make an appointment, call:

Laura Gilbert


As the S- Drive is not a medical device it can be used widely by health, sports, fitness, beauty, anti-aging, nutritional professionals and organisations worldwide.

The S-Drive detects which epigenetic signals influence gene expression so that changes to diet, nutrition and lifestyle can be adopted to support optimal physiology and performance.

It is a portable device with a spectrum coil in its centre. The coil produces a scalar wave that senses the changes that occur when the hair roots are placed on the coil.

It uses informational signals from the hair root bulb found in the hair follicle. These emit a signature wave. This disturbs the scalar wave and the software converts the information into a digital record.

Our Technology uses bio-resonance to distinguish which information in the signature wave is supporting efficiency and optimal expression.

We use the hair root bulb as an informational source, since the hair follicle is a part of the sensory system of the body. This biomarker expresses information from the environment that is present in the energy field.


Epigenetics is the science that shows that we do not need to be victims of our genetic inheritance.

Dr. Carlos Orozco explains the science of Epigenetics.

Cell Wellbeing Environmental Screening

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