Sandy Denton, MD

Sandra C. Denton, MD is the founder and medical director of Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic. Originally board certified in Emergency Medicine, she practiced as an emergency room physician and as her knowledge increased became Alaska's leading physician in alternative medicine. Dr Denton has been practicing medicine since 1971 and alternative medicine since 1985.


Dr. Denton has spoken internationally, has been a radio host, and is published. She specializes in mercury and heavy metal toxicity diagnosis and treatment and is one of only a handful of board certified MDs for chelation therapy.


Dr. Denton considers herself a "medical detective" skilled in identifying the causes and appropriate therapies for chronic and acute illnesses. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, The Institute For Functional Medicine, The Board of Chelation Therapy, as well as the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society and the only ILAD doctor in Alaska.

...Dr. Denton is Alaska's leading alternative medicine provider; she has been practicing over years.