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Alaska Healing Journey
Our Sister Company

From Hope To  VIBRANT Health

AAMC Found So Many Options For Natural Healing We had to Open A Sister  Company!

Welcome To Your  Alaska Healing Journey!

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Health Coaching

Sometimes we just need a little guidance or an ear to help us along our Healing Journey.

Alaska Healing Journey is here to walk with you! Our compassionate Health Coaches are here to talk you through your journey every step of the way.

Whether it's a small change or a big one, we've got you!

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True Cellular Detox

This comprehensive program helps to detox your body on a cellular level.

During our lifetimes we are exposed to many toxins in our surroundings, as time goes by these toxins accumulate in the body. Sometimes causing unexplained and unwanted symptoms.

This is where Alaska Healing Journey comes in! The True Cellular Detox program identifies the root cause of these symptoms and eliminates them!

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SoftWave Tissue Regeneration

SoftWave Tissue Regeneration is a revolutionary new technology that sends pulse waves into the body.

These waves attract your own stem cells to the damaged tissue to address damage in your body naturally.

Non-invasive, no down  time, no chemicals, no drugs.

No kidding!!

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S-Drive Epigenetics Testing

Our Genetics come from our heritage and sometimes they can determine what our future holds for us. Whether it be diseases or strengths.

However, more and more science is finding that our Epigenetics has more influence than we ever thought possible!

So what are Epigenetics??

Your Epigenetics are basically your surroundings and contributing factors. While your parents or ancestors might have developed a certain condition, your lifestyle choices (i.e.: diet and exercise) can head that condition off at the pass!

This is where the S-Drive Epigenetics testing comes in!

Using this incredible new technology and a few strands of hair, we can test micronutrient levels. This allows you to make minor changes in your life to head off possible serious conditions by choosing the best Healing Journey for you!

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If You Have Any Questions About Alaska Healing Journey,

Feel Free To Reach Out!

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We Can't Wait To Hear From You!

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